Meticulous Massage

Appointment Day

I look forward to welcoming you to Meticulous Massage

We've embraced a piece of our beautifully artsy city for a tranquil oasis right at the beginning of the Mag Mile in the


Meticulous Intake

We've moved our paper intake to a digital intake. This cuts down on paper use and assists in minimizing contact. Please complete this easy intake before your appointment.


Once arriving at the beautifully historic Old Republic Building you'll enter the bronze doors of 307 N Michigan Avenue. Inform the lobby guards you're a "Client for 920". You will then be directed to the elevators, exit floor 9. Go down the hall towards your right approaching Suite 920. Upon entry you'll be greeted by your therapist.

Your therapist will welcome you in & go over your needs to customize your treatment and address any concerns.

We recommend early arrival prior to your treatment to ensure we start comfortably on time.

While we always try to accommodate your full treatment, late arrival may mean a reduction in your treatment time in respect to other client appointment times.


Reminiscent of the classic Chicago Speakeasy era, our restrooms are all located in the stairways.

Men's room on odd floors, Women's room on even floors. I love that the building has it's original architecture and details throughout. The location and style of the restrooms transport you to a different time.


We follow the golden rule and we expect you to follow it as well. We're practically connected to & through our devices, this is your time to unplug, please be considerate and switch device notifications to silent or DND. After your session feel free to take photos, we ask that you use #MeticulousMe when posting online. 


Meticulous Massage is appropriate for guests 18 years and older. 


We encourage open communication. 

We are fully trained in proper draping to protect you & your modesty at all times.

Let us know if you need anything. We can adjust the temperature of your bed, pressure & or technique being used. Nothing is too small for your comfort. Be as meticulous as you like, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.


Please remember to drink your water, especially after your visit with Meticulous.

We'll provide:

  • Water and remind you afterwards to stay hydrated
  • A few tips to assist in helping the benefits of your massage last longer
  • We use 100% grape seed oil in our treatments. It's high in antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Your skin will drink this highly absorbent oil up and look great while doing it. 
  • Your choice of four signature scents for you to choose from at no extra cost.

We suggest you leave the oils on your skin for at least an hour before taking a shower. Your skin will fully absorb the oils beneficial properties.

We want your experience to be amazing. If you have any skin sensitivity and would like to bring a different oil, cream or lotion for us to use during your massage, please do so. 


For your convenience, payment information is saved during booking which makes for a smooth check-out.  Gratuity can be added during this process. We also accept gratuity via CashApp, Venmo, & Zelle


The therapist reserves the right to terminate the session if he/she feels the guest’s behavior is undesirable, full payment will be expected.

You have the right to speak up for yourself and terminate the session if you feel uncomfortable.


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