Meticulous Massage

The Meticulous Way

Curated For You

Using various integrations of techniques and a

person focused clinical approach,

Meticulous delivers!

Enhanced relaxation and immediately noticeable relief.

It's an experience like no other. 


Meticulous Integration

Ancient healing techniques ranging from

Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage 

to the fluidity of Lomi Lomi and

specific touch of Myofascial Release, allows for a 

freedom & relaxation your body has never felt!


Meticulous Relaxation

Sensory engagement enhances your experience and a certain

quality is essential.

Our unscented grape seed oil is

great for sensitive skin and is 

high in antioxidants and anti-aging properties,

keeping your skin soft and supple. It's also the base of our

signature fragrance oils which are

included in every meticulous massage.

The choice is yours, choose unscented or a signature fragrance,

you can't go wrong!



Meticulous Massage is a solo small business practice.

You get a very meticulous massage therapist that is highly intuitive.

Listening to understand your needs and

understanding how your body responds to specific touch.

With Meticulous you will



Comfort and Aesthetics

  • white noise, nature sounds, or your own kind of music for relaxation.        
  • LED Lights to get the right vibe.
  • warmed bed, just how you like it.... off, on, up or down. Just say the word.                                                                         


Clean and Safe

Our HEPA certified air purifiers cleanse the air of odors, allergens and bacteria.

We steam clean and sanitize surfaces daily.

All touch surfaces are disinfected throughout the day.

 Therapists wear masks during treatment for your comfort and safety.

 We encourage you to follow local laws for mask requirements. 

Currently, masks are not mandatory for your services at Meticulous Massage.

Meticulous Massage, LLC  BBB Business Review